7 Tips to Take Care of Motor Matic Injection

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Era motorcycles in the future will lead to the injection technology. The evidence to date each motorcycle manufacturer in Indonesia have started launching models injection motor.

In fact, there are manufacturers that target until 2014 all new motor that will be launched already carrying era injection technology.

Well for Otolovers who already have an injection motor must sewa videotron want automatic motor bike especially injection is always in top condition. This time detikOto try to give tips on caring for automatic motor injection for Otolovers:

1. It should always do that, before you go using automatic motor injection, you should first heat up the engine by turning the engine 1 to 5 minutes.

“It was done so that the automatic injection combustion motors you will be more perfect,” explained Yogi Adi Putro, head mechanic Barokah Motor, to detikOto.

2. When driving a motorcycle matic injection, you should not menggebernya accelerates too quickly or by removing the shells of gas sooner or later. It usually will shorten the life of your machine automatic motor injection.

3. Be diligent automatic transmission oil change regularly. Because by doing so can provide a solution to the engine or other components.

“Cultivated in manageable units or changing the oil every 5,000 km and the engine oil every 1,000 km,” he said.

4.Diwajibkan to always check the condition of the spark plugs and batteries. Because these compounds are very important. If it is damaged then immediately replace it with a new one and must be original if you want durable as factory default.

5. It is no less important, you should always check the condition of the belt and roller vent regularly. Because otherwise you will feel uncomfortable while driving.

“If it is damaged you should immediately replace it with a new fast and an indigenous. Try not who kw because of its resistance can not be guaranteed,” he added.

6. Motor matic typically use single shockbreaker. Then there is no harm if you frequently change the oil shockbreaker.

“Not too often as the engine oil. Oil shockbreaker do every 10,000 km only. If you replace when it’s engga voice screeched,” he explained.

7. The last thing that is not less important that, you should always check the gas tank. Make sure the gas tank is never empty, because the injection motor advised not to put gas in an empty tank.

“Motor injection it should not be if the gas tank until completely empty. Try before you fill empty. If empty dirt in the gas tank will be easily absorbed and will memperhampat machine work,” said the man berkacama this.

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