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Is it time for a prom yet? How fast time flies! Seems like it was just yesterday everyone starting the orientation week and now we’ve come on picking up dresses and looking for a cute date! Well then, no need to waste the time. Get yourself ready! Brush your hair and polish those beautiful nails of yours! Prom has always been the moment you want to be remembered as the best of you. To get that done, one of the things is to prepare and groom yourself. Now we will bring up some of the most beautiful prom nail designs that you can apply to your nails on that special day.
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The first comes from the glittery look combined with polka dots. First you should cover your nail with the glossy plain black nail polish and then, instead, of making so many dots, you can make one big dots on the side of the nail. It would give the sense that the nail is decorated without being overwhelmed. We suggest using silver chrome or gold color polish to accentuate the glam of your nails. Then top it with the glittery nail coat. This prom nail designs would also be suitable for spring nail designs as you change the base color to something rather lightly like green or combination of some pastel color and alter the glittery final coat with transparent coat. Some people may prefer the flower accent on the nail to point out the spring vibes, but polka dots are cute too and playful for spring especially if you pick the brighter colors. Talking about simplicity, if you do your nail at home, isn’t it simpler and faster to do the simple decoration that you can pull, instead of painting the nail with some sort of pattern you have bigger possibility to mess up.

Talking about the spring nail designs which can be used for prom at the same time (of course with some color alteration, we love dark glittery nails for prom), we love the vibe comes from green glittery accent nail polish. You can start by adding two coat of pale green polish then use a skinny artist paintbrush to paint diagonal lines in silver while adding the emerald green cover on the lower part of the nail. Cover it with shinny top coat. Now you are ready to rock that beautiful dress and, oh wait, who is that pretty boy knocking the door?

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