Benefits of Tomato Fruit Facial Beauty

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Benefits of Tomatoes To Face Beauty. Tomatoes contain many nutrients and nutrients that are beneficial both for the skin and the beauty of women. For that, on this occasion I will discuss it here.

Tomatoes are very easy to find in our daily lives, surely you are also so because it is easily obtained. Therefore, it can not hurt to try slices of tomato for skin beauty care for your face. By eating tomatoes will get good benefits for the health of our skin and body, plus you can use it as a mask for your skin in order to get the properties were indeed extraordinary if done routinely every day. Here is the explanation!

Benefits of tomatoes for facial beauty

Here are a few benefits of tomatoes to the face, such as:

Can brighten and moisturize skin
Tomatoes has numerous ingredients that are beneficial to skin health such as vitamins C and E and contains a very powerful disinfectant in eradicating the germs on the skin. Tomatoes can dibunakan as a face mask that can brighten and moisturize the skin.

The trick is:

Take a fresh red tomatoes and wash thoroughly so that the content of pesticides is missing. After it split into several parts and then rubbing the face and neck skin throughout thoroughly, and let stand about 15 minutes for the content of nutrients in tomatoes can penetrate well. Then besihkan with a soft damp towel, then feel the results.

Can protect the skin from sunburn
The heat of the sun can cause sunburn and even inflamed, if left alone it will be bad for the health of your skin. But you do not worry because the tomatoes may be protection from the sun.

The trick is:

1 piece of fresh tomato puree and add a little yogurt, stir until evenly distributed. After that, apply to all the skin and let stand about 15 minutes. Then wash with cold water to clean, do this with regular maintenance in order to obtain maximum results.

Can reduce the amount of excess oil
Oily skin can cause facial skin dull and acne, it is caused by dead skin cells that exist on the skin. To overcome the problem of oily skin, you can use tomatoes as a credible alternative solution which is very effective in overcoming the problem of oily skin.

The trick is:

Puree 1 fresh tomatoes 1 medium-sized and small-sized cucumber, puree in a blender. After that wash your face first and then apply tomato juice over the entire face and neck thoroughly, and let stand for 30 minutes then wash with cold water. Perform this treatment regularly every day until the oil content in your skin decreases.

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