Definition of Duties & Responsibilities Manager

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Understanding Duties & Responsibilities Manager – A company, organization or institution that is successful it must have a reliable and professional manager. In grammar manager is the author or the person who set standards subordinates work according to orders from superiors or mesin jahit singer field office to which it aspires. Just as the duties and responsibilities of supervisors, the manager of the program has a task and a great responsibility. A manager should be someone who actually has a high leadership, broad-minded, have a high work ethic and able to foster good communication between supervisors and subordinates. The task of every manager in the company’s agencies and organizations depend on the position he waistband or at the discretion of the company, institution or organization. Well here are the duties of a manager are as follows:

Understanding Duties & Responsibilities Manager

Establish, approve and communicate the standards of performance and behavior.
The task manager is to explain and give work instructions to staff appropriately, and have work standards that must be met, and always convince his subordinates that they would carry it out properly and smoothly.

Communicate to superiors and to the staff.
You as a manager must have good communication between the boss and your subordinates. Many of the problems within the organization caused by the lack of clear communication between management and staff. As a manager, you have to be very active and precise in providing information from the manager and your staff, and also in reports of staff to your manager so that the problems can be solved.

Staff monitor job performance.
As a manager you have to use a lot of your time in the field, ensuring that your staff do what they have to do, you can not control secaraa effective if you use all of your time sitting in the office alone. Doing a “coaching” and provide feedback to staff. When you monitor your staff, your task is not to look for an opportunity to punish mistakes. Your task is to appreciate the work he has done well, and help staff fix the mistakes that have been made. This means working with them continuously to improve their job performance at all times.

Solve work problems that arise.
When you find the problems in the workplace, you must do more than simply report such problems to your supervisor, if you are able, you should actively solve problems with your staff. A good manager is a problem solver (problem solver) and not as one who reported the problem alone.

Enforcing discipline.
A professional manager who can convince staff to follow the rules and policies of the organization. He corrected his staff who violate the rules in a way that is humane and effective. Respect and promote the rights of workers. A professional manager who realizes that all workers have rights that must be protected, the manager is working hard to ensure that workers’ rights respected.

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