How to Make Egg White Mask and Benefits

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Facial masks for acne prone skin, using egg whites into one of the topics that are sought after lately. Because acne is becoming a facial skin disorder that often appear to enter puberty. The appearance of acne is actually due to the facial skin pores are clogged facial dirt, dead skin cells, or oil. If the condition is allowed to clogged pores will become a hotbed of bacteria.

Many of us are looking for ways to eliminate acne with natural ingredients. One of them is using this egg white mask. Here’s how to manufacture and for maintaining good skin health.

How To Make Egg White Mask

how to make a mask of white telurCara make egg white mask is very easy, even try it yourself at home. As before there are a few tools and materials must be prepared to make an egg white mask like:

1 chicken egg
Small bowl
Small brush
ice cubes as needed
After all the ingredients are ready, then can begin to create their own egg white mask by following the following ways:

Break the eggs chicken
Separate the white part of the egg yolk, use egg whites only
Enter the egg whites into a small bowl already disiapka
Beat the egg whites using a tablespoon
Whisk until thickened and foamy looks like cream
If it’s like that, it means egg white mask ready for use
How to Use Egg White Mask

How very easy is not, how to make this egg white mask? Before applying the egg white mask, remember to wash clean the face to remove dirt. The goal that the mask can stick perfectly and work optimally repel acne. Here are some things you should know:

Apply egg white mask immediately after completion makes
Apply on the face with the help of a small brush
Apply evenly khussunya in the area the appearance of acne
Avoid some sensitive areas such as eyes and lips
Let the eggs attached to the face mask, approximately 10-15 minutes or until dry.
Rinse face warm water to remove the rest of the mask is still attached
Then dry with a soft towel
To end this acne facial treatment, grab an ice smell enough to be rubbed into the entire surface of the face slowly. The ice cubes are needed to close the pores of the face, so that the face feels firmer and supple.

Benefits of Egg White Mask

The egg white mask is a kind of effective natural facial masks for acne. Why is that? This is because in the egg whites are high in protein and some minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. Therefore there are many benefits that can be derived from egg whites.

Indeed there are many benefits of egg white mask. Potent nutrients in the egg white to:

brighten the face
overcome shrink enlarged pores
tighten facial skin youthful
tackle blackheads
dry skin or oily

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