How To Prepare 2 Masks For Dull Skin


When caring for sun-exposed skin, it is important to moisten it both inside and outside, drinking plenty of water and topical feeding treatments.

Exposure to too long sunlight can cause skin attacks that affect both your health and your appearance.

While some sunlight may be harmless, too long under its influence is one of the leading causes of drought and premature aging.

It produces burns and aggression that significantly worsen the superficial layers of skin and, in addition, is a factor associated with the risk of melanoma.

In fact, this can affect the ability to produce natural oils and, in turn, prevent the nutrients from being absorbed and used properly.

For this reason, it is important to be careful in minimizing its impact and, if unavoidable, feed on the skin with the use of external treatments.

On this occasion we wanted to share the 2 natural masks that, because of the combination of the ingredients, helped lighten the battered skin.


1. Raspberries and natural yogurt masks

Rich in lactic acid and antioxidant substances, this artificial mask is an attractive alternative to moisturize the skin after exposure to sunlight.

The strength of the skin removes dead cells from the surface, optimizing the release of oxygen to the pores for a complete regeneration process.

3 ripe raspberries
5 tablespoons natural yogurt (100 g)


Fried raspberries are cooked with the help of a fork and mixed with natural yogurt.

How to app

Clean the skin with cold water or cloth, and apply a mask over the affected area.
Let it act 30 minutes and rinse.
Repeat daily use until it completely subsides.

2. Mask of almond and honey flour

Almonds and honey skin masks provide omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes and antioxidant compounds that accelerate the process of cellular repair due to sunlight.

Its application moisturizes the battered area and prevents the formation of spots or scars.

1 tablespoon almond flour (10 g)
4 tablespoons honey (100 g)


Combine the ingredients in the bowl until thick paste is obtained.

How to app

Rub the mask over the battered area and let stand for 30 minutes.
Rinse and repeat wear 3 times a week.

Those are some tips on how to brighten dull skin naturally quickly and easily by using materials at home. You can try it whenever you want. Clearly, care should be done consistently yes. So, hopefully useful!

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