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MAAM occupies a historic and majestic building since the mid-nineteenth century, located in the main square of Salta town. Its facade, restored, is part of the neo-Gothic style of the upper part of Victoria.

The Mountain High Archaeological Museum (MAAM) was inaugurated on 18 November 2004.

The establishment of “Children of Llullaillaco”, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the “Children of Llullaillaco”, was born from the will of the Provincial Government of Salta through the Ministry of Culture to preserve, learn and disseminate. year

These three children were found in March 1999, frozen at the top of the Llullaillaco volcano at 6,700 meters. And beside them, there are 146 things that make their trousseau.

With the study, they realized that they lived more than 500 years ago, during the peak of the Inca state, shortly before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The interior was renovated but retained the historical structure of the time, to adapt it to its new function.

Currently equipped with the most modern technology based on various activities related to the valuable collection on display.

It has a permanent exhibition area and another one dedicated to temporary exhibitions, laboratories for scientific studies and laboratory musealization. Tempat wisata asik. There is also a public library, Andean information center, conference rooms, coffee shops and grace.

For your collection inside the environment is carefully controlled at a constant temperature of 18 ° C and 45% humidity.
Time Museum Maam

Mummy Discovery

Researcher Johan Reinhard with the participation of archaeologists and mountaineers from Salta found three mummies Llullaillaco in a volcano that has the same name. Holy Mountain for the Incas.

They left on February 26, 1999, and on March 17 they made their first discovery of the Son and his trousseau. On the same day they also found Maiden of the Maiden. The Lightning Girl was discovered two days later.

Among Argentine groups, the group has important participation from archaeologists from Salta Christian Vitry and Constanza Ceruti.
Mummies from Llullaillaco
Mummies from Llullaillaco

The LLullaillaco mummy is the oldest and best preserved in the World.

They were part of the Inca sacrifice about 500 years ago. The mummies were three

15-year-old girl with beautiful hair braided and legs crossed.

7-year-old boy, short hair and white fur trimmings, miniature fire to form his trousseau.

Ray’s 6-year-old girl, it was called like that because the lightning struck her and burned some of her face, arms and trousseau.

Location: Miter Street 77 / Phone: (0387) 4370592

Visiting hours: from Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays from 11:00 to 7:30 at night. On Monday, the Museum opened its doors to the public and closed on the following Tuesday.

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